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January 21, 2007 at 4:21 pm Leave a comment

Sorry for not publishing anything for a bit! Let’s get active again…

Last week’s LOSUG meeting demonstrated a neat, albeit probably non-useful, trick.

They were showing the new iSCSI initiator (i.e. server) code in OpenSolaris, which works with the latest iSCSI target (i.e. client) code in Windows. So they created a 100MB disk for iSCSI from a backing file, connected to it from Windows, formatted it there as FAT, wrote to it, etc etc.

It all Just Worked. The new iSCSI admin tools look easy to use, and were modelled a bit on the ZFS tools.

Anyway then Frank, one of the filesystem guys, went and found the backing file on the Solaris laptop, took a quick look at it with mdb and then mounted it over loopback on Solaris! I think he tricked lofiadm into starting at some offset into the file, as there’s presumably some sort of header at the start of the backing file.

To prove it wasn’t a cheat, he edited a file on it using vi. Switched over to Windows, did the equivalent of disabling and reenabling the disk, and voila the edits were there on Windows.

It’d be fun to set up a ZFS pool from a backing file stored on an iSCSI-attached disk, and then mount a filesystem from that pool back on the iSCSI target. Fun, but sick!


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Why no ZFS? Patching

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